”Convenient all-in-one TV lift system for maximum A/V enjoyment.“

Pop-Up Silver

The TV lift series Pop-Up Silver is a richly equipped allrounder for floor, wall, and furniture mounting. It impresses with its extremely quiet lifting action and Hot Panel Secure with gentle Soft Start & Stop. The Silver TV lift series is suitable for flat screens measuring 30” to 50” and is available in a 120V or 230V version as well as in a version which can be manually swivelled by 360°. Lift programming is optional. In combination with the Lid-O-Matic add-on, Pop-Up Silver is also available with an automatic cover lid. The Silver Series is compatible with all multi-room controls available on the market.

Typical product installations

Typical product installations

Pictures and customers‘ installation situations

Delivery includes

Flat­lift Pop-Up, control box, 230 V power cord, motor cable, 12 V wall power supply for radio receiver, 433.92 Mhz 2-channel radio receiver, 433.92 Mhz 2-channel radio transmitter



 This product can be manually swivelled by 360°. A zero position safety switch is optionally available.

TV dimensionsTV weightFitting dimensions

30 – 42 inches

H = max. 615 mm

D = max. 100 mm

(W = not relevant)

max. 35 kg

350 N

incl. casing
W = 780 mm
D = 175 mm
H = 664 mm
Lifting limitNoise levelRoom control
adjustable to the mm (optional) < 45 dB connection possible
Lifting / lifting speedPedestalWarranty

665 mm

42 mm/sec
W = 300 mm
D = 200 mm

5 years full service

30 years LRCL*

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